Being that mighty (Metaphysical Science)

Being that mighty (Metaphysical Science)


Being that mighty, the intensity

Channeling awareness and absorbing eclectic vibrations and connective intimacy

Sitting still and pondering the vast powers of light, energy or Majesty

This possibility

Knowing not poverty

Knowing not going hungry

Liberating serenity

And absolute oneness, centered on good (GOD) only

No fantasy

Nature, universe, knowledge and humanity…

Existing at its highest quality

Working together seamlessly

All things imagined, destined competently

Through circles of optimum sustainability

The absolute theory


Not even a memory of poverty

On the contrary, a perfect diversity

All energy and all its submultiple dimensions in all its supervast reality

Meaning every matter in the most distant galaxy synced with the innocent dreams in a newborn, nurtured baby

Facilitating, one source to another, in a beautiful, synchronized activity

Able to “See”, while taking this motionless journey, Creation’s community

Integrated and holy

As is the mighty muse for this poetry is Holy



Anomaly, as it pertains to the intention of the momentarily resigned, practicing alchemy
Transforming from being side-tracked, day to day surviving, to an existence of illuminating flow
Not an aberration for the sake of rebelliousness, but because there’s so much more than this status quo
Then if high speeding through the rat race be the normal way, then being still stimulates authenticity
Harnessing, channeling and aligning emotions with a deep focus on nothing but this activity
To be intimately interlocked with the plight and sincerely understanding what we owe
Must release the restraining subconscious and conscious fears for the collective needs of the spirit and ego
Arousing within the higher self a mechanism of power and fluidity for the goal of local harmony
Anomaly, as it relates to urban city living, are the five percent laying an impressive foundation for lifting up culture
A renaissance of congruity between disciplined and selfless men
Brothers re-chained, in camaraderie and desires, one to another
Breaking the yoke of bondage now as our heroes did then
Anomaly is taking what the majority mostly dismissed and transforming them to a catalyst of change for a better future

Forsaken Descendants–Healing

Forsaken descendants, the mockery of a lawless country
Left to grapple with the aftereffect of infernal adversity
Murdered for sport, murdered for wanting justice and murdered for aspiring
And now blamed? But denied the need to relive the assaulting, backbreaking and agonizing journey to what we are presently experiencing

A state of broken will or despair, incorrectly confused as laziness or as a ramification of inferiority
On the contrary, these trials are the logical properties of withered opportunity
Our inheritance are bloodcurdling screams, rejection and stimulated mourning
Not acceptance and land, transmitted from wounded souls was subjugation and suffering

Cornerstones of a stymied recovery as we have not moved on from our past properly
So the pain re-emerges along with the deaf ears, so we direct the anger toward friends and family, the black on black we see in the community
Psychologically battered, thus scared to vent, a self-betrayal that is self-defeating
Yes, self-advocacy is necessary but we do not speak up in our defense, knowing in this lawless country it can lead to more blood spilling

Stuck! This unresolved, pent-up rage handed down to us from our hellish history
And until we deal with it, the pain remains an obstacle to upward mobility
Listen! This isn’t about blame but about healing
This is about looking truthfully at our past and stopping “all of the false-faced soothing”

Consumerism isn’t making us happy
And the success of a few will not erase our tragic story
So what our ancestors could not say, we should start speaking
For future generations restored hope and a better living

So answering the mocking and condescending call to action to take responsibility for our community
Is seen as a need to assemble and overcome this Transgenerational trauma with a collective solidarity
We have been and are still carrying yesterday’s brutality and subsequent hurting
Which presents as delayed progress, because bearing the historical horrors and grief keeps us struggling

Maybe the UN conference on racism and discrimination can convene another assembly
Because America getting away with the satanic treatment of the forsaken descendants must be investigated aggressively
This is important if we are ever to be restored to our sense of belonging
We are not erroneous, we need understanding…

We need autonomy to talk about our experience with bearing the passed on hurt of slavery
Need a house where our story, despite our oppressors’ objections, is received with equality
We need to just be heard and kept from being judged as complaining
Need to be received as important enough that an audience would want to hear of what we’ve been facing

Ferguson and Mike Brown and History

Lawrence Moi Gardiner

#MikeBrown #Biggerpicture #realdiscussionstartedyet

This ballad, rich with intellectual capital, facilitates thought beyond the grasp of the herd
It is a superior catalyst for change when planning for a citizenry dull in thought
So be absolutely wild in obtaining the knowledge spurred
Because great access to awareness is provided with this passing shot
Albeit a presentation not preferred
But the seriousness of unlearning what was taught
Mike Brown’s case has nothing to do with innocence or transgression, law-abiding or aggression
Due to even Martin Luther King, a preacher of love and peace, was also a victim of oppression
Oh, the privilege to compartmentalize
Isolating occurrences of incidents into a singular event
Rather than a longstanding aggressive pattern toward both our fools and our wise
Therefore this dissatisfaction and restlessness, the rioting, is from multiple generations of discontent

You see the Black Panthers stood against government before Bundy and the militias’ rise
But remember what the 2nd Amendment supporting, community organization underwent
They were labeled domestic terrorist and was systematically destroyed completely
Yet Bundy and the militias were mostly affirmed as men against government tyranny
However, heroes of African descent die young and are remembered as agitators
Blotted out from the annals of the past
While white heroes are known as liberators
Adorn with pleasantries and hailed as men of GOD in history class
Of African descent with truth on the tongue, then known as an American traitor
White and manifest destiny at the expense of the weak, then the glory is unsurpassed
So stop making this about Mike Brown’s innocence or sin
And acknowledge the evidence that “America” (Don’t mean all Americans) has been on a 500 year campaign to devastate us for the “disease” of dark skin…

(There are obviously many good people, of all races, in this country and by no means do I throw the baby out with the bath water, but at some point these good people must stop stupid people from controlling the discourse. If I am asked to deal with the gangstas and thugs amongst us, then you deal with the racists and thugs amongst you, fair enough?)

Humbled Thine Presence

Bring up GOD (humbled in thine presence) anymore and defense mechanisms of all types are invested in, inspected or reinforced; or a combination of all three, because of the association between GOD (humbled in thine presence) and madness.

God (humbled in thine presence) triggers automatic responses of fanatical, prejudice believers and bloodthirsty “terrorists” within many. Throw in all that in together with the association that the history of wars is all GOD’s (humbled in thine presence) fault, brings us to wrapping our minds around the broken relationship between GOD (humbled in thine presence) and man.

When GOD (humbled in thine presence) is described as loving, kind and merciful, then if of sound mind fanatical believer or terrorist in this way, loving, kind and merciful. However, if GOD (humbled in thine presence) be responsible for violence and prejudice, then victory is finally upon us for having man fully reject GOD (humbled in thine presence).

Some of you know the story of Desean Jackson, the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver that was released from the team because of asserted ties with gangs. Read about it to get more details, but Desean’s story is similar to the tact against GOD (humbled in thine presence): Associate GOD (humbled in thine presence) with vile people and people will start to disassociate from both the vile and GOD (humbled in thine presence), right?

It is a masterful play–Played by what?–on character assassination; thus the world together now, as Friedrich Nietzsche uttered, “GOD is dead.”…And so is the performance of man, a presentation of intolerance.

GOD (humbled in thine presence) is not madness but man presents as mad. Let’s explore this further, will you?


One word, crafted in the magical dimensions with infallible precision, extravagantly enhances our intimate experience with life and captures the collective imagination of the absolute oneness in all living things; this word, so softly woven in the majestic glow of the universe, breath life into the intricacies of untamed love and genuine joy and possibilities–it is, this word, the awareness and the wisdom and the muse of good kings and men…‪Mother‬


The empirical got me so cynical I’m rigid
And cause of one tidbit:
…all this negative
It keeps me absolutely pessimistic
Sit through another century with globalized General Zod,
The power, hungry and bloodthirsty supervillain
With a crazy ambition to be GOD
It’s opposition to sound wisdom
By observation, this experiment is sincerely flawed
Producing a kind of perdition,
A morbid playback
Is this really the “Cosmos” of man–
the pompous work of a quack?
Must admit that it certainly is all odd…
That in this great scientific enlightenment,
“Super intelligence”
Humanity would still need an ‘old-timey’ sermon,
A prophetic prod
In the belly of the beast,
Wicked and adulterous generation
Where there is no rest from brute force and wide spread fraud!